4 Easy Tips to Welcome Fall to Your Home

Fall has snuck upon us fast. For most, the gentle breeze on your way to work or school is enough to remind you. However, when you get home, your home lacks that comforting fall feel. Here are four easy tips to welcome all the comforts of fall into your home.


Decorate Your Table with Fall Flowers and Gourds

With each season, feel free to change up the décor of your home. Fall is an easy and carefree time. You’ll want orange and brown color schemes. If you don’t want to change too much, consider new table centerpieces. Instead of large, romantic candles, scale it down to prepare for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The kids will enjoy a trip to your local pumpkin patch. Otherwise, you can grab a few gourds at your farmers market. Get a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and make a lovely arrangement out of them. These can also be arranged on a small table across from your homes entrance to welcome guests.

Another idea is to make a beautiful bouquet centerpiece with your favorite fall flowers such as daisy’s, sunflowers, or mums. You can also select dried plants and flowers with a deep jewel-toned pattern.

Pull Out the Oversized Throws

Oversized throws are a great way to change your sitting room’s décor. Simply drape them over your sofa or chair. You also can roll the throws up and arrange them in baskets on the side of your couch. On the weekends, cuddle up with the family and toss the blankets over you. Be sure to have plenty of hot chocolate and apple cider prepared.

Change the Scents in Your Home

If you constantly burn candles and incense, it’s time to change the scents you burn. There are many great candles at candle shops such as apple spice, cinnamon, gingerbread, pumpkin, or banana nut bread. What’s not to love about scents that take you back to childhood, such as apple picking or waiting in the yard for your grandmother to finish baking her pies?

Change Your Cooking Routine

In the fall, it’s time to put the grill away. All your favorite cooling summer fruits are no more, so bright and colorful salads are put away as well. Now is the time to pull out the crock pot and turn on the oven. It’s time to bake pies, simmer soup, and slow-cook hearty stews so your family can stay warm and full. Yet another great way to change up the scents in your home.



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