The best approach to maintenance is preventative maintenance, and this is HomeTeam Property Management policy.

First, we begin with educating tenants by:

  • Completing a detailed Rental Agreement, which includes the five-page maintenance addendum that outlines tenant responsibilities regarding maintenance as well as owner obligations.
  • Completing a walk-through, documenting the condition of your property before the tenant takes residence.

It’s been said that no news is good news; however, this can be the opposite. Delayed news can become very bad news. What is worse than finding out that dry rot or discoloration of the linoleum could have been prevented if the tenant had just reported the leaking toilet in the bathroom? Avoiding major maintenance costs are certainly more favorable in such cases. That is why it is important for the tenants to understand from the very beginning of their tenancy that they are expected to care for the property and they are required to report maintenance issues.

Next, we use preventive maintenance techniques when work is required and utilize competent contractors. Often times, the minor expenditures save the most money such as doorstops, new filters, checking appliances, testing smoke alarms, adjusting doors, window latches, dead bolts, and more. Many small repair items can prevent maintenance that will become costly in the long run.

Learn more about our maintenance services here. If you have additional questions or if you’d like to find out more about the quality of our property management services, please contact us today by completing our contact form, or by calling our office at (619) 872-7368. We look forward to hearing from you!