Moving Day Tips: What to Eat While Your Boxes are Still Packed

moving day lounging on a couch surrounded by boxes and pizza delivery

Renting a new apartment or house, there's always a few days where everything is in boxes and you're taking the unpacking one box at a time. All your stuff, including your kitchen, closet, and entertainment gear are still wrapped up in mountains of packing material that will soon litter your floor. On the first day, just getting all the boxes inside seems like a victory and vaguely kicking them into the right rooms is going into overtime. As you sit on the floor or a throne of boxes satisfied with the day's efforts, your stomach finally reminds you that just because your dishes are still packed doesn't mean you can skip supper and chances are you don't have an instant quirky neighbor coming over with a casserole and two bowls. Time to rustle up some grub. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you have a few options for meals that don't require pans, dishes, or your own silverware.

The Hot and Fast Minimalist

If you have a few food supplies brought over and quickly stowed from your previous location, there's a good chance you can make something out of it without opening your box of dishes. The fast, hot, and easy solution is a simple grilled cheese sandwich made with bread, pre-sliced cheese, and your oven. No pan, plates, or silverware necessary. If you feel like splurging, consider the classic instant noodle cup or microwave single-serving mac'n'cheese.

The Deli Section Raider

If you're willing to hit the store before settling in for the night, you don't even have to buy disposable plates to make a fast and satisfying supper out of almost nothing. All you have to do is raid the deli section, even after the lunch counter closes there are always a few entrees and sides. Perhaps the best is the still-warm rotisserie chicken eaten with your hands for a delightfully visceral experience made complete by a container of potato salad and a free plastic fork from the deli section.

The Pizza Delivery

For those of you too exhausted to do much but dial a phone and murmur a request for a medium with extra of your favorite toppings, delivery pizza is always there for you. Even tired from your challenging move, nothing makes you feel like a teenager again like sitting on the floor eating pizza straight out of the box. As you lounge and reward all your hard work with a deliciously hot pizza, now is the perfect time to watch some Netflix on your phone, tablet, or laptop and let your muscles rest for the great unpacking the morning is sure to bring.

Chinese Takeout

If you're in the mood to celebrate your successful mood, splurging on some excellent take out or delivery Chinese food is a great option. Not only do they load you up with egg rolls, soup, and those little crunchy things, they also tend to send a handful of napkins and chopsticks and a packet of silverware for situations exactly like yours. While you may normally unpack your Chinese feast onto plates, now is the time to indulge in a little spontaneity and eat straight out of the styrofoam boxes or cute little folding paper containers. Better yet, there will probably be plenty to eat cold or reheated in the morning to get your strength up for the day's unpacking ahead.

Moving is hard work and it's important to make sure you don't accidentally go on a hunger strike just because you're busy or tired. Make sure to eat at least twice a day but until you have a table ready, remember to be careful about the floors. The last thing you want is to worry about a pizza sauce stain on top of the effort required to get everything out of the boxes and arranged into your new life.




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