Property Maintenance: Tips to Clean the Apartment Between Renters

One of the worst parts of owning apartment buildings is the time between tenants. This is a good time to do some extra property maintenance. Many like to clean the carpets and also give the apartment a good clean. Painting, replacing anything that is a problem, and even remodeling should also be done during this time if it is needed.


Many landlords don’t really know what should be done when the apartment is empty. For this reason, it is important to make a list and go through it between each set of renters.

To help, here are some tips to clean the apartment between renters.

You should start with a deep cleaning of the entire apartment. Not only will this help to get the apartment spic and span for the next renter, it will also give you an idea of any repairs that need to be made.

Here are some things that you should clean.

  • Wash all of the walls and floors down. During this time, you should also wash all of the hand railings, trim, cabinets, lights, fans, and anything else. If you have built in bookshelves (or other furniture), give this a good clean too.
  • Deep clean the kitchen and the bathroom. This includes all of the surfaces, microwaves, oven, refrigerator, toilet, shower, and anything else that is in these rooms. Disinfect these areas as good as you can. Bleach everything possible so it is all ready for the next renters.
  • This is a good time to replace the carpet if needed. If not, shampoo the carpets well and allow them to dry thoroughly before move-in day.
  • You should also change any filters that need to be changed, as well as clean any vents (such as the intake vents and dryer vents).

If you are not interested in cleaning the apartment this well, you may want to think about hiring someone to do it for you. If you don’t clean well, you are going to have trouble finding tenants. Most want to move into a really clean place. They don’t want to have to clean before they start to move in.

You should patch any holes in the wall and repaint. Not only did your renters likely put holes in the wall to hang items, there may be dents due to daily living. Patch everything up before you paint the entire apartment.

You should think about using a neutral color so that it will match with whatever your renter chooses to decorate with. You should also use a satin or semi-gloss paint because these are easier to clean.

Don’t forget to check the plumbing. Plumbing issues are very common. Faucets leak, showers drip, and many other plumbing problems happen due to daily use. For this reason, you should try out all of the sinks and tubs, as well as look at any pipes that you can see.

Look over the entire place closely. Though you may not want to spend much money, time between renters is a great time to make some improvements. Replace any appliances that are old and outdated. If the sink looks stained even after a deep cleaning, it may be time to get a new one. These little details can mean the difference between a happy renter and one who just needs a place to live.

Though it can be hard to have an unit empty for any amount of time, there is no better time to clean it well, shampoo the carpets (or replace them), paint, and update it. A shiny apartment will attract the right type of people: ones who are going to take care of it. Who knows, you may even attract long-term renters which will mean less maintenance in the long run!



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