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Crisis Management

Ever wonder what you would do if a fire broke out at your rental property?

How about a landslide?

Would you know how to deal with the situation?

If you did deal with it, would you only increase your liability?

At HomeTeam Property Management we have experienced managers who have successfully dealt with various situations from houses that have flooded to fires and everything in between. HomeTeam Property Management believes that continued training and enforcing policies reduce our clients’ exposure to liability and provides a safer environment for our clients, tenants and employees.

Here are just a couple tips for landlords who don't yet have any safety standards in place:

  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors yearly. Replace the batteries, regardless of age, every year. Doing so reduces the possibility that you will forget one year and risk the safety of your tenants.
  • If your tenants live in an area with a high probability of fire, make sure the home has a clear area of 100 feet from any structure.

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