Tips to be a Good Renter


Getting an apartment can be an exciting time. Whether this is the first time that you have moved away from your parents or not, getting an apartment means that you are growing up and it is time to take care of yourself. Maybe you are moving out of a bad relationship and this is time for you to grow on your own.


However, there is more to being a renter than just finding a place and moving in. You should do your best to be a good and respectful renter. It will make everything go smoother in your new home.


Here are some tips to be a good renter.

Read your lease and abide by it. Leases are written to protect you and your landlord. For this reason, you should read it and understand it before you move in. Then, do your best not to break any rules. Most people think of skipping payments, but there are many other ways to break a lease and lose your home.

If you have questions about the lease, make sure you talk to your landlord prior to signing anything. If you have pets, make sure that you are allowed to have them. If you are going to have people staying with you on occasion, just run it by your landlord.

Pay on time. A great way to be a good renter is to pay your rent on time every month. Even better, pay it a few days early so that you know he or she will get the money on time. If you do have struggles and something came up, let him or her know as soon as you know.

Ask permission before you make changes. Most of the time it is assumed that you will add pictures and small touches to make the apartment yours. If you want to paint, add shelves, or anything that requires some work, make sure that it is alright with your landlord. Many landlords don’t mind if you paint, as long as you repaint before you leave. However, if you assume and just do it, your landlord could really get angry. You may end up losing your deposit.

Clean your apartment on a regular basis. Though this should be expected, many people don’t clean their homes and apartments the way that they should. By keeping your apartment clean, you are more likely to get your deposit back because you have cared for the apartment the way you should have.

Let the landlord know when something is broken. He or she is not going to know when something is broken unless you tell him or her. Even if you broke it, it is their responsibility to fix it. You may offer to help if you did the damage but otherwise, you shouldn’t fix anything.

You should also make sure that you tell the landlord sooner instead of later. Most things only get worse. They don’t get better. Damage, especially water damage, gets more expensive to fix the longer you wait.

Be respectful. The best way to be a good renter is to be respectful. Respect your landlord and he or she will do the same for you. Respect the property that you are allowed to live in. Take care of it as if it was your own.

By being a good renter, you are going to have a better experience in your apartment. You will have a good relationship with your landlord, as well as your neighbors. You may even get to stay as long as you want because your landlord wants you there! The best thing that you can do is to be respectful and you will do just fine.



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