Why You Should Hire a Full-Time Property Manager

Hiring a full-time property manager may not seem like it would make a difference; after all, you have a family-friend who is a real estate agent, willing to manage property on the side, and do it for almost nothing, right? Well that may not be the best way to go, and your decision today could make or break your property investment.

Let us look at it this way: large real estate sales commissions are the bread and butter of a real estate agent--property management, on the other hand, will be the agent's afterthought. Your family-friend may charge an inexpensive flat rate of $99 per month for management, but he/she will not have the time required to pay enough attention to the day-to-day management and operations of your property.

What if only a few potential tenants saw your property and only one applied? Will the agent spend more time and effort to find you the best tenant available? Or, to save time, will this one applicant with bad credit become your new tenant? Will your part-time property manager/real estate agent have the time to inspect the property as often as needed and always act to prevent problems? Or will he/she only have the time to put out fires once problems arise?

A full-time property management company that only specializes in property management will give you the professionalism, attention to detail and priority that you and your investment properties deserve. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to trust the company you work with to always have your best interest in mind and keep everything in compliance with State and Federal Laws?

At HomeTeam Property Management, residential and commercial property management is our specialty. We leave the real estate sales to the real estate agents and we do what we do BEST--managing your investment properties, finding the best tenants available and always thinking ahead to save you money while keeping your property in great shape.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us give you piece of mind.



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