Your property manager will be your main contact for all issues that may arise as long as you reside at the property. We require all maintenance requests to be made in writing. This can be done online through the Tenant Portal

Log into the Tenant Portal and submit a maintenance request.

Procedures for Requesting Maintenance

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Before contacting us,

   Determine if the maintenance request is a true emergency or a non-emergency.

   Check to see if you can determine the cause of the problem that you are experiencing, unless it is an emergency.


There are few emergencies. Emergencies are life-threatening situations such as fires, flooding and/or uncontrollable water, electrical problems, smell of gas, etc.

  • For emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 911.
  • For emergiencies involving gas, call the gas company and, if necessary, call 911.
  • After contacting one of the above sources, call our office and report the problem.
  • For emergencies such as backed up plumbing or flooding, contact our office and, if necessary, call 911.
  • Heat is not an emergency, but we recognize this is important and will make it a priority with vendors to have the heat working as soon as possible.
  • An emergency is not air conditioning, non-working dishwater, sprinklers, etc.


  • Contact our 24/7 Maintenance Center at (619) 866-5923, or by submitting a maintenance request in writing to our office (this can be mailed or brought in)
  • A vendor will be assigned to contact you.
  • We do not give vendors keys to the residences.
  • Vendors are required to make appointments with the tenants.
  • Remember, for non-emergency items, the vendor will not be able to make an appointment immediately.
  • Failure to show at an appointment will result in a charge to you. Be certain to call our office as soon as possible if you are unable to make the appointment.
  • If you do not hear from a vendor or repairperson within 5 business days, call our office to inform us that the vendor has not contacted you. We will contact the vendor to find out the cause of the delay, then inform you when to expect a call from the vendor.
  • After a repair has taken place, if you encounter any issues, contact our office and state that you had a recent repair but there is still a problem. Recent repair means within the last 60 days–for pest control work, within 30 days.
  • If you fail to report an unsolved, recent repair and there is further damage or expense, you may be responsible for the cost, per your rental agreement.


The property owner has a duty to maintain your residence to uniform codes of safety for landlord/tenant law. While there will be instances when a maintenance request is necessary, it is expected of the tenant to perform minor repairs, such as replacing light bulbs and other items not requiring a skilled craftsman. Tenant responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Reporting non-functioning smoke alarms immediately if batteries do not solve the problem.
  • Replacing light bulbs with the correct size.
  • Replacing furnace filters, if applicable, every 6 months and every month if there is smoking in the property.
  • Reporting all necessary repairs.
  • Professional steam cleaning and spot cleaning of carpets while residing in the property.
  • Normal insect control.
  • Normal rodent control, such as mice.
  • Landscape cleanup if a service is not provided.
  • Reporting lack of landscape cleanup if a service is provided in our rental agreement.
  • Landscape watering, unless there is a homeowner’s association.
  • Reporting malfunctioning irrigation systems or sprinklers, even if it is the responsibility of an association.
  • Disposal of all garbage in the proper receptacles and using the weekly pick up service.
  • Disposal of animal feces on the property even if you do not have a pet.
  • If the residence has a fireplace, use caution and care when operating the fireplace and disposing of ashes or coals. Do not dispose of coals in the fireplace until they have cooled outside for a week.
  • Check to see if damper is open before starting a fire in the fireplace.
  • Disposing of toxic waste properly in accordance with local and county laws.
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