How to Handle Difficult Roommates When Leasing a Rental Home


Just as the honeymoon period ends with so many types of relationships, roommates can often irritate one another. But what do you do when one roommate violates the terms of the lease or causes you undue stress? In some cases, you can work out disputes such as who cleans the kitchen or why a roommate left her clothes in the washer. In other situations, your property management company helps you enforce a lease issue. Of course, if your personal safety is at stake, always contact the authorities or lawyers for legal protection.

Moving in a friend who is not on the lease

One sticky roommate situation is when a roommate invites a guest to stay. Most leases allow an overnight guest for up to two weeks in a 6-month period or other specific time period. What happens if a roommates’ girlfriend, boyfriend or relative stays for several months without alerting the property manager? According to a piece by the Star Tribune, the first step is to show the roommate and guest a copy of the lease. If you want the guest to remain, invite him or her to contact the property manager about signing a lease. If you want the guest to move out, alert the property manager to the violation. In most cases, the property manager won’t evict you for informing him or her of the predicament.

Failing to clean the rental home

Another major headache is having a roommate who doesn’t clean. If you don’t have time to clean up after your roommate, you likely fear losing the security deposit due to neglect. One simple solution is to hire a cleaning service to regular clean your rental home in San Diego County. Most roommates do not resent a professional coming in to clean, but they will likely want to keep their roommates out of their bedroom, bathroom or personal space. Talk to your roommate about sharing the cost of a maid service. If you have carpet, consider renting a steam cleaner periodically to maintain the carpet or talk to your property manager about what he or she suggests.

Managing roommates with no boundaries

Although your property manager won’t get involved in situations when one roommate dominates the bathroom, fails to empty the dishwasher or take out the trash, there are some simple tricks to motivate your roommate. Consider making a written agreement with your roommate about dividing the household chores. Designate a cleaning day when your roommate is available. Come up with a simple to separate your food and personal hygiene products. In most cases, using stickers or a marker works for groceries. Contribute an equal amount of money for the purchase of bathroom tissue and laundry detergent as well as cleaning supplies. It’s typically not worth it to start an argument over who did more loads of laundry this week or forgot to put away their pizza. Most people who complain about their roommates dislike passive-aggressive behavior so keep the communication lines open and remain honest.

Before choosing a roommate, ask a lot of questions to figure out if you are compatible. Other situations when you need to involve a property manager includes situations when a roommate hides pets in the home, steals or vandalizes property, paints or makes renovations without receiving prior approval or locks you out of your rental home. At Home Team Property Management, we help individuals find their ideal rental home in San Diego County even if they have not found their ideal roommate. For more tips on handling sticky roommate situations, please contact us.




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