Property Management El Cajon


Lets start with a introduction on El Cajon. You can also learn more about El Cajon and other San Diego Communities in our Communities Section. 

Geography and Boundaries 

The city of El Cajon is bordered by San Diego and La Mesa on the West, Spring Valley to the south and the City of Santee to the North and unincorporated San Diego to the East. 

Property Management El Cajon

Rental Market 

El Cajon has a large mix of properties of different types. With the two main streets being Broadway which is North of the 8 Freeway and East Main Street South of the 8 Freeway. 

El Cajon Property Management

The City of El Cajon also has a very even mix of both Rental and Owner Occupied Units as well. 

El Cajon Property Management

With such a diverse Rental Market you need a experienced and knowledgeable property manager and management company. 

So what should you be looking for when it comes to a property management company in El Cajon? 

Lets begin with some of the most important. 

Marketing your Rental Property

Your property manager should take professional photos that highlight your properties features. Photos should have sufficient lighting and should be taken by a professional. Remember a prospect client is more likely to inquire a property they are more comfortable with and that has more photos. 

El Cajon Property Management

El Cajon Property Management

Leasing and Screening Services 

One of the most important jobs a property manager has is to make sure a property is rented to a qualified tenant. Someone that will  pay rent on time and maintain the property. Make sure the property management company you hire can can do the following: 

Screening Criterion: 

  • Verify Income
  • Financial Records
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Credit Check
  • Verify former addresses and references

Does the company guarantee the tenants they place. A company that believes in their screening process should be able to back that process.

Rent Collection and Enforcement

Ask the company that you plan to hire to manage your property in El Cajon what their rent collection policies are. 

What they should Know:

  • What day is rent due and when does it become delinquent. 
  • What payment options do tenants have to pay rent.
  • If the tenant does not pay rent.
  • What is the Eviction or collection process and how long will it take.

Business Operations 

Does the company you do business with maintain operations in your city?

Do they have Property Managers that know the area well. Do they live in the areas they manage or do they live in another city? 


Does your management company have a maintenance department?

Do they inspect the property regularly? 

Do they have a work order system that ensures that property is done correctly and efficiently? 

Do they investigate the repairs being done, and charge tenants when the damages are tenant caused. 


Those are just a few of the items you should look for when selecting a property management company in El Cajon. 





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