Tips for Selecting a Property Management Company in Ocean Beach

How do you select a property management company for your property in Ocean Beach? Here is a quick and easy guide on what you should look for.

Before we begin lets review a brief introduction on the community of Ocean Beach. You can learn more about Ocean Beach in our communities section. 

Geography and Boundaries.

Ocean beach is a coastal community with Pacific Ocean to the west, the San Diego River to the North and the neighborhoods of Midway/Sports Arena and Point Loma nearby.

Property Management Ocean Beach

Rental Market 

With the majority of property in Ocean Beach being Rental Units. You are going to have plenty of competition when trying to find quality renters.

Property Management Ocean Beach

In situatons when the majority of your neighbors are your competition the little things make all the difference when attracting tenants and maintaining a quality property. 

So what are the little things when it comes to property management Ocean Beach?

Lets start with the Basics.


Gone are the days that you could get by with the 1970s style carpet and the rusted out hand rails. In the era of social media, online review websites, increasing legal protections for tenants and a much greater possibility for litigation, you cannot afford to leave your property to disrepair. Any proactive management company should have a maintenance plan in place for your property. Furthermore coastal properties like the ones in Ocean Beach may have more maintenance requirements compared to their inland counter parts.

A few of which include:


Iron rusts because oxygen and iron produce iron oxide, commonly referred to as iron oxide. Coastal areas like Ocean Beach are more humid than other areas of San Diego. Humid air has more oxygen than non humid air, which causes accelerated rusting. Once a metal surface such as a cast iron fence is rusting it should be repaired, as rusted surfaces become more porous and prone to accelerated rusting. Rusted also expands in place as well and cause damage to surrounding surfaces if not fixed. 

Ocean Beach Property Management


The M word, its a word no one wants to talk about and its definitely a word an owner or tenant does not want to hear either. If you live in an area like Ocean Beach that has a potential for flooding, old city water mains that can break or even the humid air can contribute for a occurance of mold. Mold spreads in areas with low air circulation and high moisture. Make sure the management company you hire has a maintenance department that can respond quickly to water damage and report of mold. 

Ocean Beach Property Management

Those two items are just a few of the issues that property managers and property management companies would need to be able handle on top of their everyday tasks when it comes to the management of the property. 

Tenant Services 

You own a beach front property. Your tenants are renting a beach front property. You want them to pay premium rents for a well maintained property but does your management company have the services that keep up with the product? 

Todays tenant is looking for the ability to pay rent online, see their payment history and request work orders for repairs on there computer, smart phone and other devices. Can they pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH? Look for a company that reinvests into both Tenant and Owner side of the business. The ability to pay rent should be as easy as paying for credit card, or utility bill. 

Property Management Ocean Beach


Marketing and Leasing Services

Does the company your looking to hire work 7 days a week?

Can a prospect call the office and reach a live person?

Can a prospect apply to rent the property from their computer, phone or in person? 

Does the company provide professional photos of the property that highlight the coastal living they would enjoy? 

Ocean Beach Property Management


 Ocean Beach Property Management

Knowledge of the Area

Hire a Ocean Beach property management company that understands and has the knowledge of Ocean Beach. You want to hire the property manager who has been out to the OB Pier or had lunch at Hoodads. You want to know that the person that is in charge of your home understands the community and has the experiance both of the community but the rental market and managing the unique aspects of the property as well.

Ocean Beach Property Management

Contact us today to receive a complimentary consultation for your Ocean Beach property with one of our property managers. 







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