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Strict Tenant Screening

Do you or your landlord have a process in place to screen tenants?

Do they have a policy in place that is uniform and consistent and complies with all state and federal laws?

Do you know what items to verify before you lease a property to a prospective applicant?

Our leasing agents and managers process applications and have a uniform screening process. Our company also conducts all its tenant screenings in house. We do not outsource any of our screening tasks to outside parties.

Here are just a few things our company does before leasing to a prospective tenant:

  • Credit Verification - Our company pulls credit reports to verify any potential credit issues that may interfere with the tenants ability to consistently pay rent on time.
  • Employment Verification - We request verification of employment from all prospective tenants.
  • Landlord Verification - Our leasing department contacts former landlords or property managers listed on the application in order to verify that they have paid rent and have not had any significant issues in the past that could affect their ability to pay rent on time.

We are so confident in our screening process that we have a “Quality Tenant Guarantee”. If we place a tenant that is evicted for nonpayment of rent, HomeTeam Property Management will cover the costs of the eviction.  

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