Leasing a Home with Children? Avoid the ‘Bad Renter’ Label

Landlords can’t discriminate against tenants with children, but unruly, destructive children often spoil your good reputation. When leasing a home in San Diego County, prevent the damage left by children so you get back your deposit and maintain your pride as well as renting history. Children create different kinds of rental damage simply due to the nature of their exploratory nature. As a renter, it pays to avoid problems by talking to your children and demonstrating respect for property. Getting your children involved in the daily cleaning chores, showing appreciation for nice things and keeping a close eye on them often helps. Property managers often assist with any maintenance issues, but avoid getting a reputation for having unruly children.

Knowing what to prevent

Before you can prevent rental damage, it helps to know what most children do when damaging rental properties. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of children being children. Property managers often find young children tear off towel racks. They often swing on doors or cabinets, often tearing them off. When our child goes for something affixed to the wall, re-direct them to age-appropriate toys. Another major problem is drawing on the walls. If you child is old enough to understand, solve the problem by creating boards and areas where they can draw without damaging the rental home. Also, prevent the problem with washable markers and crayons.

Clogging up the plumbing

Children clog up the plumbing in several ways. Young children who are new to the toilet-training process, often use too much bathroom tissue. In other cases, children put toys in the bathroom bowl to watch them swirl in the water. Keep toys out of the bathroom or remove them after bath time. Water might seem harmless but causes massive destruction to a home. Children have been known to leave the water running in a shower or bath, creating damage to the flooring. It’s better to have bath time when an adult is home as opposed to asking a baby-sitter to handle “water play.”

Putting holes in the walls and screens

Children, as opposed to pets, are typically the culprits when it comes to holes in the walls. Tears and holes in window screens are often the result or pets or children. When you find small holes in the screen, use a simple patch kit to prevent insects in the home. Check with your property manager before installing window guards. When it comes to holes in the wall, property managers suspect it’s caused by children riding bicycles or playing with certain toys. If your child tends to throw things, re-direct to the outdoors for a more positive outlet.

Few renters want to give up their security deposit. By keeping good boundaries with your children, guests at parties and pets, it’s more likely you’ll keep your home in good condition. Using the “no” word with children and guests is often all it takes. Children often model their parent’s behavior so show them how much you respect property. Other tips include asking children to take off shoes when they come into the home. Keep laundry baskets handy. Change diapers on a sanitary changing table as opposed to the carpet or floor. When anyone is ill in the home, use buckets and containers instead of cleaning up the carpet after the fact. Taking preventative measures often prevents smells, contamination and ongoing health problems.

At HomeTeam Property Management, we coordinate leasing needs for renters in San Diego County. If you own a rental home, talk to us about our full property management services. For more information on preventing property damage and getting back your security deposit, please contact us today.



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