5 Ways a Property Management Team can Keep Your Tenants and Properties Safe

If you are a property owner looking to rent out units, it can feel like a lot of responsibility when it comes to the rights and safety of your tenants. If you can partner with a property management team that has the know-how in areas such as rental agreements and ongoing potential issues, you can be rest assured that your properties will be maintained and your renters will be protected. Here are five things a property management team can do to keep your tenants and properties safe.

1. Contacts for Routine and Emergency Maintenance

As a property owner, you might have some contacts when it comes to general maintenance, but you don’t want to get stuck in an emergency without the right contact needed for a tenant. The great thing about property managers is the fact that they have established contacts within the area when it comes to plumbers, electricians, or general contractors. Property managers can keep owners from scrambling for maintenance assistance and quickly solve problems for tenants and keep renters happy and properties safe.  

2. After-Hours Emergencies

As a property owner, you might be lucky enough to live nearby your rental units so you can be available if there is a  tenant-related emergency. If you are in the next county or state over, it can be hard to be available for your renters if emergencies such as plumbing issues or lockouts arise. This can be a pain for your renters, and and lead to big maintenance problems if you aren't available. One way that you can ensure that your renters feel safe and taken care of is to partner with a property management team that can be available 24 hours a day and on weekends for general building emergencies.

3. Scheduling Yearly Inspections

Above and beyond setting up routine maintenance for buildings, there are other more specific inspections that are required, especially in California. This can include inspections of external security systems, fire alarms, and extinguishers within buildings. By hiring on property managers that can get these inspections on the schedule, this will keep these requirements from lapsing.

4. Walkthroughs on Move-in and Move-out

A great way to keep both renters and property owners safe is to have complete walkthroughs on move-in and move-out that will document all nuances and possible damages. This will provide transparency when it comes to what shape a unit was in before tenants move in, and after a lease is up. As an owner, if you don’t have time to set up these walkthroughs, document outcomes, or catalogue these details to be available years down the line, a property management team and help. Walkthroughs should be official and organized and can be a great process for a third party to step in and manage.

5. Finding the Right Tenants

The best way to have happy tenants is to make sure that you properly vet renters from the beginning and find those who will be a right fit for your properties. If tenants that come in are equipped to pay rent and come in with the right references, you will have less headaches overall. There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to rental rates, increases, and security deposits. If tenants are vetted when it comes to credit checks and monthly income, property owners can make more educated decisions when it comes to potential rental agreements.

Property owners aren’t out to make their tenants experience a bad one, but accidents can happen. Without the right expertise and contacts, sometimes small issues can rapidly turn into big problems. A property management team can set up routine maintenance, understand tenant rights, and handle disputes right away which can protect properties as well. If you are looking for a great property management team to manage your properties in San Diego, contact us to help get you set up.



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