21 Things To Keep In Mind As You Pack Your House - Part 1


Deciding to move is easy. Just arrange a new place and end your tenancy in the current flat. Actually transferring all your things to a new flat can be a big task. Not only are you moving your life to a new location, you are also preparing your old flat for the next tenant. Ending a tenancy has a bigger responsibility than just moving your stuff. To get your full deposit back and a good reputation as a renter, you want to leave the home spotless and glowing.

The best way to complete all the steps necessary for a successful move is with a move-out checklist. We've put together a helpful list of tasks to help you pack up your flat in style, leaving a spotless residence behind that any landlord would be proud of. 

Every Nook & Cranny

When you're packing, make sure that you check every possible space for left-behind items. Leave the flat completely clean and completely empty of forgotten items. Be especially careful about lost socks behind the dryer. 

Label and Colour-Code Your Boxes

The best way to keep your sanity when packing up (and especially when unpacking) is to clearly label your boxes. Use colour-coded tape to show which rooms or categories that boxes belong to. Then label your boxes in-detail so you can easily find what you need when unpacking at the new place.

Clean as You Clear Each Room

Pick a central location to keep your boxes, like a spare bedroom or the living room. Then pack up one room at a time. When that room is clear, clean it from top to bottom now that you can reach every wall, all the way around.

Pad All Furniture Feet

Before you move any furniture from the current location, pad the feet. Buy a big pack of stick-on furniture foot pads and stick them on the bottom of all furniture feet. Some will fall off in the move but, ultimately, this will save you from dozens of opportunities to scratch floors along the way.

Keep Spare Towels Handy for the Move

Spare towels are infinitely handy during a move. A spare towel can act as a make-shift furniture pad or to wrap a delicate item. A towel can keep a dirty item from touching the floor, or a clean item from touching the ground.

Patch-Up Scuffs and Nail Holes

When your walls are clear of decorations and furniture, take a close look. Scan for scuffs and nail holes. Use the soft side of a sponge and warm water on the scuffs. If paint comes up, stop. If not, just rub the scuff away. Use a small dab of putty on the nail holes to fill them, and wipe away the excess around the hole.

Repaint the Same Colour (Where Necessary)

Sometimes, the best way to make a wall look right is to repaint the exact same colour. Take a small sample to your local paint shop and they can mix you a similar colour and finish. Touch-up the wall or repaint a section with the same clolour to leave a flat looking good-as-new after a few patch-ups.

Leave Things Nicer Than You Found Them

If you have replaced something like a doorknob or a showerhead, don't worry about it. Things are made better when we leave a place nicer than it was found. Consider leaving a friendly note for the next tenant on recent improvements and tips for the creaky step.

Wipe or Mop Every Surface

When your boxes are mostly packed, you can start the final serious clean-up. Most leases require you to broom-clean a place before leaving. But you can avoid cleaning service charges and get a whole deposit back, not to mention glowing recommendations, with a thorough cleaning of the flat before you go.

Start with sweeping and dusting. Then wipe-down or mop every single surface in the house. Don't forget light switch covers, high shelves, and handles.


Join us again as we jump into the second half of this two-part article. Contact us today to dive more deeply into the rest of your ultimate move-out checklist.



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