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How to Get Your Household Chores Finished Without Even Noticing |
HomeTeam Property Management

One of the most challenging parts of a modern professional lifestyle is finding time for the...

HomeTeam Property Management

Handling Tenant and Owner Funds The most important indicator of a property management company and a...

4 Easy Tips to Welcome Fall to Your Home |
HomeTeam Property Management

Fall has snuck upon us fast. For most, the gentle breeze on your way to work or school is enough to...

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Home Staging |
HomeTeam Property Management

Staging a house is the art of making it look nice for tenants or before a sale. Staging highlights...

5 Common Landlord mistakes (And how to avoid them) |
HomeTeam Property Management

INTRODUCTION: Property Management is very simple principle. You find a (good) tenant, that pays on...

How Leasing Helps with Future Home Ownership Goals |
HomeTeam Property Management


21 Things To Keep In Mind As You Pack Your House - Part 2 |
HomeTeam Property Management

Welcome back to the second half of our ultimate moving checklist for the perfect move-out leaving a...

21 Things To Keep In Mind As You Pack Your House - Part 1 |
HomeTeam Property Management

Deciding to move is easy. Just arrange a new place and end your tenancy in the current flat....

5 Ways to Recover Pet-Damaged Floors Before Your Next Inspection |
HomeTeam Property Management

Renting a home is a careful balance between being comfortable at home and caring for the property....




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